A Little Explanation:

I enjoy having fun, enjoying the company of family, friends and females. My life has been so inclined towards my studies...Why? Life demands it...I mean how I did it, I'll never know.
My experience has been enhanced through working for most of the top organisations in the UK. These have given me this open and bubbly personality although I solely reserve it for my own time and space...If any of you reading this have ever worked with me or know me then Hi!...better still why not mail me? (Information Coming Soon)
Also if you are wondering who I am let's just say that I have created an information site which includes some of Hollywood's most promising love for films is well documented. Also the site is intended to inform people about the trivial goings on in life and allow them to spend some time in my company, if not physically then definately through text.

Most importantly of all; Just have fun visiting this site and remember, your dreams can be reality....


My thanks to all the countless Lecturers, Employers and Colleagues who have put up with me over the years....I haven't forgotten any of you!!!!

The countless private tutors who have had the pleasure of my company......those who haven't also deserve a mention, you've missed all the fun!!!