What do the names Sam, the 70s and an accident have in common? Well the answer is, none other than hit BBC Show "Life on Mars".

The show is based on the incredible story of Sam Tyler, a man who wakes up one day and suddenly finds himself in the 70s surrounded by people who seem to think he's either mad, on drugs or simply from Hyde!

The show has parallels with the famous 90s show Quantum Leap. Both main characters are transported back in time due to an accident. Both are called Sam and both have an eerie desire to put things right that once went wrong.

Although I am sure that this is simple coincidence however I also think that both tap upon one element of the human psyche that demonstrates a desire to return to one's roots, to go back to a time which now seems easier, nicer, free and simple compared with the ongoing complications which are apparent in society today.

But why the 70s?

The answer to this is simple. Most people nowadays were born, lived through or had major changes occurring to them in the 70s. It was a time where things were constant yet people were trying to form a way of life and allow for changes to be made if anything changes involving family, friends and livelihood. When Sam Beckett returned to the 70s he would always complain about the fact that people were confused and things were a little wild however this was also a period in which Sam was allowed to experiment with the possibility of changing things drastically. If it was allowing people to think or simply stopping a fight or challenge from taking place, it would have severe repercussions with his own timeline. With Sam Tyler, this is no different. He finds himself in a coma or so we are told, the answer will lie with the final episode of the series. However and more importantly the 70s allows him to investigate the surroundings and ongoing changes with British society. The 70s were a time of change, people were migrating and more and more people would arrive to make the country their home. The motivation for Sam Tyler much like it was for Sam Beckett was to change the obvious, to improve conditions before they affected him or anyone in the future.

Possible end?

I just hope that "Life On Mars" offers a much better finale than Quantum Leap ever did and that Sam Tyler is allowed to wake up from his coma, if that is where he is. The possible end must justify the means; I feel that in this aspect Sam Beckett was unsuccessful. Quantum Leap allowed people to see change but to recognize that change is only possible if you recognize a mistake before making it. Hopefully Sam Tyler will be allowed to pass on his know-how and allow the current Britain to change its ways and adopt a more acceptable climate for people to not have a need for reminiscing.

Update to Finale!

Well the end has come and we are expected to believe that Sam was still in his coma, he never came home, this is something similar to the other Sam (Quantum Leap). The show left a bitter taste in the mouth as the ending did not clear anything up, was Sam dead all along? was he still in a coma? was it a coma? We have to guess that it is a coma and that he remained in it the whole time however this is open to interpretation since the 70s he was in could not have been truly known to him because of his age and just like Sam Beckett, the logical thought was rather illogical. The irony is that this ending is not in itself an ending for it allows the show to take up a third series or rather a spin-off which will be called Ashes to Ashes. Expect no Sam and very little sense. The new show will base itself in the 80s and focus on the now over obsessed PC Brigade (Political Correctness). We will be given a measure of inter-racial love, a dose of caring for those less fortunate and a consciousness about the harm that comments have upon individuals. To summarize, Sam Tyler will morph into Gene Hunt which comes to be like Al Calavicci becoming Sam Beckett.
On the plus side the US will be reprising the series Life on Mars but do not expect to see much of the English humour and subjective thinking.









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