Hello Jaime, I was wondering why you decided to create this site?
The site is what it claims to be a site for FutureStarrs, these are actresses who have become household names but who began life as child stars and have since gone on to bigger things. I have a love of films and felt that this would be the perfect way to express that passion.
Would you have liked to become an actor?
Sure, who would'nt, the idea of creating a new personality and with it being able to escape the realms of reality. After creating a website it can be easy to say that part of that vision has been achieved.
So what can be expected from the site?
Anything and everything, if only I had more time I could add more features, for now I'm happy in the way the site has progressed, people seem to like it for the way it describes it's material.
Many sites have featured actresses, what is so different about yours?
That is very true, yes many sites have featured actresses but not many have done it with regard to actresses who at first were unknown, most sites take on research when the actress has already achieved stardom status.
What are we to expect from this site?
If time allows then iwould have to say a lot! Updates have been taking place on a relatively frequent time but I would like to see that improved.
Any Actress that you like?
(He laughs!) Ehm, all of them, if I got to meet them i would'nt be the obsessive fan, if anything I would probably be far too shy to say anything. But it's a pleasure to see that people value my site and that the actresses mentioned go on to hit the big time!
Anything to say for the fans of FutureStarrs?
Yeah, write in and sign those guestbooks, seriously all comments are welcome as long as their publishable. Just remember if you have any doubts on an actress then please come over and check them out!
So would you say that your site is more of a dictionary?
You could say that although I don't think so, it's a site for future actresses who aim to make it big on our screens, although saying that, I am not trying to discredit any fansite, if anything I welcome their presence, it shows that Actors/Actresses and films mateer a lot to all of us. Let's just hope that film-makers keep producing the goods.
What is to look forward in the future?
Well i'll be writing some more articles on actresses and adding to my WrestlePages site, as it allows me to extend my creative talents. Apart fromt hat I would simply say that I hope this site becomes established as a factor of what the web should be.
And what is that?
A hotbed of information, a place where anyone who has a doubt can clarify it and where everyone can make their feelings heard. It worries me to see many sites closed, especially those sites which have simply attempted to inform people about events and personalities. May the FutureStarrs live long and prosper!